On the Trail of Ruth St. Denis: India 1926
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Adelphi University, USA
Adelphi University is a private, nonsectarian university located in Garden City, New York. It is the oldest institution of higher education on Long Island. In 1938, at the invitation of Adelphi's President Paul Dawson Eddy, Ruth St. Denis became the founder and first director of Adelphi's Dance Department. 

Archives and Special Collections, Adelphi University Libraries
Approximately 70 images and other archival materials related to Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn, and the Denishawn dancers have been provided to the production
for use in the film including original correspondences and manuscripts unique to the special collections of the UASC. Many of the images come from the collection of Ms. Barbara Andres.

About Barbara Andres

Barbara Andres was the youngest student in residence to be admitted to the world renowned Jacobís Pillow Dance Festival, where she began working with dance virtuoso Ruth St. Denis. They later worked together on numerous tours, lectures, and dance projects, including The Religious Arts Center at Adelphi in
the late 1950s.

Barbara Andres Collection

Many of the items in the Barbara Andres, Ruth St. Denis Collection once belonged to St. Denis and consist primarily of photographs and costumes.Other materials include scrapbooks, programs, flyers, posters, awards, and artifacts relating to the careers of both Andres and St. Denis. The Andres Collection can be viewed online here       

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